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Nitrogen provides better maintenance  of tire pressure which maximizes:      Fuel Economy     Tire Life      Safety & Reliability     Handling  ... and it's better for the environment!  Tire Pressure  Because of its larger molecular size,  nitrogen migrates through a tire three  to four times slower than oxygen. A tire filled with "plain old air" will lose 1.5  PSI in less than a month; with  nitrogen, this could take three months  or longer.  Fuel Economy  Proper tire pressure lessens rolling  resistance and maximizes fuel  efficiency. Tire Life Under-inflated tires wear quickly on  the shoulders and over-inflated tires  wear in the center. In addition,  removing oxygen eliminates oxidation  and condensation that can damage  inner liners, steel belts and rims. Safety & Reliability Under-inflated tires cause 90 percent  of blowouts. Nitrogen provides more  reliable pressure for reduced blowout  potential. Handling Proper tire inflation ensures the  recommended "contact patch" of your  tire is on the road.  ...and it's better for the environment!  Anything that improves fuel efficiency  and reduces toxic emissions is good  for the environment and nitrogen in  your tires will help.
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“Tire rotation is essential to achieve even tread wear and maximum tread life. On front-wheel- drive cars, for example, most of the braking, steering and driving forces are carried by the front tires, which inevitably wear much faster.” 
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